The Alliance ensures focus and discipline in accelerating the development of effective treatments for people with progressive MS through the 2022-25 Strategic Plan. We also provide ongoing Progress Reports to inform stakeholders and drive continuous improvement.

2022-25 Strategic Plan highlights accordion Image
Cover art for the 2021 Progress Report of the International Progressive MS Alliance
Cover image of the 2019 Progress Report featuring a portrait of Kerrie, Australia, diagnosed in 2008.
Cover image of the 2017 Progress Report featuring a portrait of Trevis, diagnosed in 2001.

“I believe the Alliance is going to be a part of the cure for progressive MS, and until that day occurs, it’s going to be a part of the research that creates the very best treatments so that people with progressive MS can live their best lives.”

—Jon Strum, whose wife Jeanne lived with progressive MS, Member, Alliance Scientific Steering Committee