The Alliance is an unprecedented global collaboration of MS organisations, researchers, health professionals, the pharmaceutical industry, companies, trusts, foundations, donors and people affected by progressive MS — working together to address the unmet needs of people with progressive MS.

Our promise is more than hope, it is progress.



End MS Progression


Accelerate the development of effective treatments for people with progressive multiple sclerosis to improve quality of life worldwide






We are stronger together, able to accomplish what no one could alone; we achieve results from integrating a range of perspectives, talents and experiences, inspiring people to make their best contributions.


Be Bold

We pursue all promising paths, fearless in our search for solutions; we embrace opportunities for innovation and take calculated risks, recognising that with failure comes valuable knowledge.



We identify and fund transformational research wherever it exists, focusing on life-changing solutions and achieving results; we are disciplined, agile and focused in all we do, working with rigour and catalysing others.



We welcome people with diverse expertise and experience, rigorously exchanging ideas and perspectives which builds trust, confidence and pride; the work of people affected by MS are essential.



We openly share information and knowledge on our progress, ensuring decision-making processes are known and people have what they need for understanding and doing their best work.


Acting with Urgency

We work with purpose and relentless determination, knowing that over one million people living with progressive MS face uncertainty, losing ground each day.


"I describe progressive MS as muffling my personality. I used to use my arms a lot when I talked, I used to write quickly, I was a pretty crap cook but I used to love having dinner parties. I can’t do any of that anymore. The impact of all of these losses is that people no longer see ‘me.’ They only see a version of me. That’s why it means a hell of a lot to me that the International Progressive MS Alliance exists. Where there used to be only hope that our disease could be managed, controlled, and even prevented, now there’s actual progress."

—Caroline Sincock, Scotland, diagnosed 1986, Past Member, International Progressive MS Alliance Scientific Steering Committee

How we work

We align people and resources to contribute at their highest level, working with determination and focus in order to achieve life-changing results.

Each group’s purpose is described below, click through for current committee members and affiliations.


The Executive Committee is the decision-making body for the Progressive MS Alliance and ensures the development and implementation of a comprehensive strategy and plan to achieve the mission. Through engaging exceptional talent and securing necessary resources, it provides leadership to all aspects of the Alliance.


Comprised of leading global MS scientists and experts, including three people affected by MS, the Scientific Steering Committee sets priorities and develops plans to accelerate treatment development. It achieves results by funding transformational research, convening scientific summits to share knowledge and stimulate discovery and collaborating with regulatory bodies, scientific leaders in other diseases and pharmaceutical experts.


The perspectives, experience and expertise of people affected by MS are essential to the work of the International Progressive MS Alliance. The contributions of these individuals ensure our efforts are focused on solutions that will result in life-changing treatments. At every stage of the research process, their voices add value.

The development and work of the People Affected by MS Work Team is conducted through a partnership with MULTI-ACT, an initiative of the European Union Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme to increase the impact of brain research through multi-stakeholder engagement.


Involvement of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry is fundamental in achieving the mission of the Alliance. This sector can contribute knowledge and resources needed to drive drug discovery and development in progressive MS. Industry participates in the work of the Alliance through the Industry Forum, the venue for industry members to provide advice and recommendations to the Alliance Scientific Steering Committee and contribute financial support towards the ongoing research initiatives of the Alliance.


The Communications and Fundraising Work Team works to engage, inspire and mobilize people worldwide in the efforts of the Alliance. Developing and implementing a fundraising and communications plan, the team works so that everyone can contribute to finding life-changing solutions for people with progressive MS.

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Together we are stronger than progressive MS.

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