The Communications and Fundraising Work Team works to engage, inspire and mobilize people worldwide in the efforts of the Alliance.

Developing and implementing a fundraising and communications plan, the team works so that everyone in the MS movement can contribute at their highest levels.


Cristina Asorey, Head of Fundraising, Esclerosis Multiple Espana, MS Society of Spain
Cathy Bouwers, Director, Public Relations & Strategic Communications, MS Canada
Lauren Daab, Director, Principal Giving, MS Canada
Mogens Damgaard
, Chief of Communications, Fundraising and Partnerships, Scleroseforeningen — Danish MS Society
Roberta Guglielmino, Science Communicator, AISM — Italian MS Society
Jeremy Henderson, Head of Advocacy, MS Australia
Ben Holgate
, Executive Manager, Strategic Fundraising, Multiple Sclerosis Ltd., (AU)
Andrea Lisher, Head of PR, MS Society, (UK)
Taylor McMillan, VP, Individual Giving and Leadership Events, National MS Society, (US)
Graham McReynolds, AVP, Global Initiatives, International Progressive MS Alliance
Daniele Miggino, Web Editor & Community Manager, AISM — Italian MS Society
Claire O’Connor, Head of Philanthropy and Special Events, MS Society, (UK)
Luke Thomas, Director, Fundraising & Engagement, MS International Federation
Emily Wilson, VP, Brand and Communications, National MS Society, (US)