12th January 2024

Click here to access and download the RFA

Click here to access and download an FAQ about the RFA

The International Progressive MS Alliance has released a Request for Applications (RFA) to support innovative Experimental Medicine Trials that advance our knowledge of disease pathophysiology by defining the underlying mechanisms of an intervention, mechanisms of progressive MS pathogenesis, and/or harmonizing outcome measures that correlate with clinical efficacy for any given intervention.

The RFA offers two funding pathways: an Experimental Medicine Trial Award for up to €1.5 million or a Development Award for up to €100,000 that will result in a subsequent opportunity to apply for a full Experimental Medicine Trial Award. Development Awards are for planning, developmental efforts, and/or validation opportunities that support future trials. The inclusion of people with MS in the development of Alliance initiatives is valuable and essential, and all proposed applications must be developed with, and informed by, perspectives of people affected by progressive MS, including trial design and execution.

The complete RFA is now open with a pre-application deadline of 15 March 2024 and full application deadline of 29 March 2024. Click here to access the application.

Learn more about the International Progressive MS Alliance priority to Speed Up and Improve Clinical Trials, including recommendations by an international expert panel, in a recently published paper.

Two informational calls were be held on 31 Jan 2024 to discuss this funding opportunity, a recording of one of the calls is available on YouTube and embedded here. An FAQ of questions is also available.

Video still of RFP information session on innovative Experimental Medicine Trials recorded January 31, 2024.

Progressive MS Alliance

12th January 2024