March 15th 2023

The International Progressive MS Alliance has released a Request for Applications (RFA) as the first stage of funding for a research pipeline to test innovative outcomes or treatments focused on the well-being of people living with progressive MS. Proposals should be focused on at least one of the four symptom areas of fatigue, mobility including upper extremity impairment, pain, and/or cognitive impairment.

The RFA is the first stage of a research pipeline in which successful awards will demonstrate a strong expert team that offers the potential for novel therapeutic interventions or outcomes for progressive MS and has the potential to culminate with a large randomized controlled study (Stage 2) and implementation (Stage 3) for adoption into the larger healthcare system. Stage 1 is a planning grant of up to €100,000 that provides time and resources to develop ideas, collect preliminary data (if needed), and construct a research team to develop and present an efficacy research proposal.

An informational call was be held on 30 March to discuss this funding opportunity and can be viewed here:

The deadline for full submission is 15 May, 2023.  The complete RFA contains details on the requirements for completing applications.  An FAQ document is also available.

Learn more about the International Progressive MS Alliance priority to Improve Well-Being Through Proven Therapeutic Approaches including recommendations by an international expert panel in a recently published paper.


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FINAL RFA_Innovation awards for well-being [PDF:592kb]



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FAQs from informational teleconferences [PDF:176kb]

Progressive MS Alliance

15th March 2023