The Progressive MS Alliance has brought together MS organisations, world-leading researchers and institutions, and other stakeholders to address the challenges of progressive MS through a coordinated, collaborative approach to research. To do this, we have a phased research strategy.

Phase one: Challenge Award grants

Challenge Award grants are short-term innovative pilot studies to begin filling knowledge and infrastructure gaps. In 2014, we awarded 20 grants to projects which sought to investigate innovative approaches to our research priorities:

  • Better understand progression so we can identify and test treatments
  • Design shorter, faster trials that measure patient outcomes
  • Conduct trials to test agents
  • Develop and evaluate new therapies to manage symptoms

Phase two: Collaborative Network Award grants

Collaborative Network Award grants are multi-year awards, investing significant funding in international networks of researchers and institutions who demonstrate that, by working together, they could make the breakthroughs that this field needs.

Because this kind of approach is new, we first selected 11 projects to receive a 12-month, €50,000 Collaborative Network Planning Grant, to enable these new and unfamiliar teams the opportunity to develop the understanding, relationships and processes required to work on this scale internationally.

In 2016, we selected three of these projects to receive a total investment of €12.6 million over three years.

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