Scientific meeting in Boston – March 2015

Eighty scientists and clinicians from around the world were convened in Boston by the Alliance to discuss what is known and not known about the chain of events and mechanisms (known as “pathogenesis”) leading to progressive MS. This is a key priority research area for the Alliance and this was an extraordinary exchange of ideas and information.

Unearthing details of these events will identify critical pathways that could be targeted by new therapies aimed at stopping progression and restoring function for the estimated 1 million people who live with a progressive form of MS. Over the course of two days, experts from diverse fields discussed many different aspects of progressive MS, including:

  • How may immune cells be involved in MS damage and progression?
  • What other forces drive progression?
  • Approaches to repairing the damage
  • Can high technology speed the search for new therapies?
  • Clinical trials of promising therapies

“This is uncharted territory and it’s rather daunting, but we are committed to finding solutions for progressive MS”
Dr. Alan Thompson, Chair of the Alliance Scientific Steering Committee


Click here to download the summary of the Boston scientific meeting.

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