Rehabilitation and symptom management at the Alliance’s 3rd Scientific Congress

It’s rare to have people living with MS, family members/caregivers, physical and occupational therapists, brain researchers, psychiatrists and neurologists all in one room, sharing their points of view. That’s what happened when more than 225 researchers and supporters from 16 countries gathered in Toronto in May for the International Progressive MS Alliance’s Third Scientific Congress, “Making a Difference Through Rehabilitation & Symptom Management.” The result was a new perspective and resolve on urgent next steps to find solutions that will improve quality of life for people living with progressive MS.

Experts provided updates on approaches to restoring function and enhancing brain rewiring and addressing MS symptoms, including learnings from other disorders. Participants also discussed ways research is improved when study designs incorporate the perspective of the person living with the disorder being investigated. Rehabilitation and symptom management research is beginning to be translated into practice, but there is more work to do to find the best ways of enhancing well-being for people with progressive MS. This goal is one of three strategic priorities for future Alliance activities.

"This Congress integrates multiple fields and the most promising areas. Bringing everyone together is critical, and there is no doubt that these findings will influence the field and encourage new research on rehabilitation."

Chair of the Alliance Scientific Steering Committee, Professor Alan Thompson

Read the summary report by clicking here.


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