Negative results from phase 2 clinical trial for laquinimod in primary progressive MS

2 December 2017

A phase 2 clinical trial of oral laquinimod in people with primary progressive MS did not meet its primary endpoint of slowing brain atrophy (shrinkage) after 48 weeks, and did not slow progression of disability. The results were announcement by Active Biotech, a company that has been partnering with Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries in the development of laquinimod.

“This is disappointing news. While the treatment landscape is evolving with the first therapy for primary progressive MS approved in the United States, Australia and Switzerland, and recommended for marketing authorisation by the European Medicines Agency Committee, more solutions are needed.The Alliance remains committed to bringing the world together to accelerate the development of treatment for everyone living with progressive MS.”

Prof. Alan Thompson, Chair of the Alliance’s Scientific Steering Committee and Dean of University College London’s Faculty of Brain Sciences


Additional details will be published and presented at a future medical conference.

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