Lay members join the Scientific Steering Committee

Last year we put out a call for people affected by MS to join the Alliance’s Scientific Steering Committee, to guide our scientific direction and research activities. We had a great response and received 234 applications from 23 countries around the world.

The selection attempted to balance understanding of research and interpersonal skills, and also demographic characteristics including gender, nationality and type of experience.

Following the interview process, three new members joined the Progressive MS Alliance Scientific Steering Committee:

Caroline Sincock (UK)

Caroline lives in Glasgow. She is a member of the UK MS Society’s Research Network. She has secondary progressive MS. She has a biology PhD and professional career in intellectual property. Caroline has been involved with research for several years, and co-authored a paper on outcome measures in exercise studies for MS. She has represented people with MS in developing local NHS neurological services and has chaired a local Neurological Voices patient group. She is also a Board member for a local MS charity.

Alexis Donnelly (Ireland)

Alexis is a volunteer at MS-Ireland and has served on their Research Committee since 2007. He has had primary progressive MS since 1991 and now lives with a high level of disability. Alexis works part time as a computer science university lecturer at Trinity College Dublin. He has represented people with MS in the development of an Irish Clinical Trials Network. He has also represented students with disabilities in university committees and founded a small charity to advocate for their needs.

Jonathan Strum (USA)

Jonathan lives in California and cares for his wife, who has secondary progressive MS. Her MS progressed very rapidly after diagnosis and he gave up work for 11 years to care for her. He has been a Board member of his local chapter of the National MS Society and has delivered workshops and coaching with MS caregivers. Jonathan has a communications background and writes a blog for caregivers.

We welcome this talented group of people on board and look forward to the additional perspective they will bring to the Scientific Steering Committee.

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