Watch the discussion on symptom management & well-being in progressive MS

Facebook Live event – symptom management and well-being

There is an urgent, worldwide need for life-changing solutions for people affected by progressive MS.  The International Progressive MS Alliance is working to answer that need, rallying the global community in an unprecedented collaboration of MS organizations, researchers, healthcare professionals, pharmaceutical companies, trusts, foundations, donors and people affected by MS.
This is why we gathered leading experts in symptom management and well-being to discuss the state of progressive MS research and treatment in fatigue, mobility, pain management and cognition. 
Jon Strum, a person affected by progressive MS and caregiver for his wife Jeanne, and a lay member of the Alliance Scientific Steering Committee served as host for the Facebook Live event.
He was joined by the following experts in rehabilitation and well-being:
  • Professor Dawn Ehde, Rehabilitation Medicine, University of Washington, United States
  • Professor Jennifer Freeman, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, University of Plymouth, England
  • Professor Stefan Gold, Neuropsychiatry, Charité University, Berlin, Germany

To access the resources we mention during the Facebook Live, click here.

Progressive MS Alliance - symptom management and well-being in progressive MS

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