Increasing the Impact of Progressive MS Research Through the Voices of People Affected by MS

Alliance Announces Partnership with MULTI-ACT as part of World MS Day Celebrations

The International Progressive MS Alliance is proud to announce a partnership with MULTI-ACT. MULTI-ACT is an initiative of the European Union to increase the impact of health research on brain diseases including multiple sclerosis. By creating a disciplined, measurable approach to engaging patients and their loved ones in research, MULTI-ACT is working to transform the way research is done.

MULTI-ACT has developed a strategic Collective Research Governance and Sustainability Model for brain diseases. Multiple sclerosis will be the first case study as part of this partnership. With a multi-stakeholder methodology, the MULTI-ACT model will be help better define the scope of health research as well as establish new metrics for the evaluating the impact of research.

While collecting patient data has always been important in MS research, more fully engaging people affected by MS in all relevant decision-making stages of a project can enrich the research, enhance its relevance, and ensure that a research initiative reflects the goals, or outcomes, that matter most to people affected by MS.

“People affected by MS must be partners in research, and MULTI-ACT has developed guidelines to make sure it is done in the most effective way with the greatest impact. By connecting people affected by MS and researchers in new, more powerful ways, we can accelerate life-changing treatments,” said Jon Strum, a member of the Alliance’s Scientific Steering Committee and a person affected by MS.

Learn more about MULTI-ACT and watch the Alliance’s video announcement.

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