Global experts publish recommendations for overcoming challenges to improve clinical trials in progressive MS

Special edition of Multiple Sclerosis Journal

A special issue of Multiple Sclerosis Journal, sponsored by the International Progressive MS Alliance, has been published, containing ten papers that review the challenges and the potential solutions to improving clinical trials and their outcomes so that new treatments become available for people living with progressive MS.

Progressive MS is a form of MS that gets worse over time. Each day, progressive MS takes things away from people: vision, mobility, cognition, ability to work, and their very independence. MS is found in every country where studies have been conducted, and more than 2.3 million people worldwide currently live with the disease; over 1 million people live with a progressive form of MS.

The special issue includes articles on many aspects of trial design, lessons learned, and research gaps, and includes a paper by a person living with MS, urging researchers to involve people with MS in every stage of planning and conducting clinical trials so that they are relevant to the treatment needs of people with progressive MS.

As a result of the sponsorship by the Alliance, the full content of the special issue, “Advancing Trial Design In Progressive Multiple Sclerosis,” may be read by anyone by following links below.

The papers stemmed from participants involved in a workshop convened in Rome in March 2017 under the auspices of the European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS (ECTRIMS) – (opens external site) and the International Progressive MS Alliance.

Together, the papers provide a comprehensive roadmap for planning and conducting clinical trials and further research needed to develop new therapies that can slow or stop progressive MS.


Special Issue: Advancing Trial Design In Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Guest Editors: Jeremy Chataway and Robert Fox

  • Preface – DH Miller and AJ Thompson

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