Challenges in Progressive MS Awards: taking risks to reap rewards

The International Progressive MS Alliance  is calling for forward thinking research applications to accelerate research in progressive MS. Before new treatments for progressive MS can be developed, we need a clearer understanding of the mechanisms that lead to progression.

The new Challenges in Progressive MS Awards will support research proposals that challenge the current thinking and/or traditional approaches used to investigate the underlying mechanisms of the disease. The goal of this funding is to uncover new mechanisms driving progressive MS that may be used to identify therapeutic targets that will ultimately slow or stop disability progression.

We’re calling on the global research community to put forward innovative proposals that have the potential to fundamentally advance our understanding. We’re not looking for incremental advances, but high-risk proposals that could result in a paradigm shift. The Alliance will prioritise proposals that include investigators from multiple institutions and the call is open to researchers in academic, non-profit and commercial organisations.

“To us, who bear the daily burdens of progressive MS, time is precious. Time is intact neural tissue. I am particularly excited by this ambitious research call that will help accelerate the search for answers. It is time to take a higher risk that has the potential to steer the field to new, and with luck, more rewarding horizons."

Alexis Donnelly from Ireland, living with progressive MS

Each award is up to a maximum of €75,000 in total costs over 12 months and up to 15 grants will be awarded.

The Stage I application for the Challenges in Progressive MS Award is now available on MS Grants. Click here for instructions on how to use this portal to submit your application. The deadline for Stage I applications is 5 February 2020, with funding decisions expected in November 2020.

An informational call for applicants took place on January. During the call, we reviewed the objectives of the Request for Applications (RFA) and the application process. You can watch a recording of the call here.

The International Progressive MS Alliance: our promise is more than hope, it is progress.

Find out more about the award Frequently Asked Questions about the award

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