Alliance expands worldwide

The Progressive MS Alliance is steadily growing. In the last few months it has gained four new members – the MS organisations in Australia, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands:

The Alliance now includes 14 MS organisations, all working together to speed up treatments for progressive MS.

The Alliance has announced a new request for applications for its Collaborative Network Awards, which are designed to enable and leverage global collaborative networks of excellence engaged in transformative research.


Dr Matthew Miles, Chief Executive Officer of MS Research Australia, said: “MS Research Australia is proud to have joined the Progressive MS Alliance as a managing member. When researchers work in isolation on an issue such as progressive MS, we risk the duplication of efforts, or making only slow progress. By enabling global collaboration, this alliance is dedicated to fast-tracking the type of discoveries that can truly change lives.”

Peer Baneke, Chief Executive of the MS International Federation, said: “Along with many other MS organisations around the world, the MS International Federation is an active member of the Progressive MS Alliance and encourages all its member organisations to join the Alliance and support it in any way possible – every step we take brings us closer to the answers we need.”

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