Priority areas

The Progressive MS Alliance has four priorities:

We will better understand progression so we can identify and test treatments

Researchers will provide clinicians with a better understanding of what happens when patients progress. This will create the tools to identify when or how rapidly a person may progress and help select potential treatment options.

More tailored disease modifying therapy so people get the treatment that works for them soonest and with fewest side effects, dramatically improving quality of life. We will better understand progression so treatments can be identified and tested.

This understanding will give people with progressive MS more tailored treatment options.

We will design shorter, faster trials that measure patient outcomes

The cost and time of putting therapies into clinical trials will be significantly reduced, leading to an increased number of trials. Better quality of results, incorporating patients’ assessment, will lead to those treatments being approved sooner so people with progressive MS will see more treatments in trials with faster results.

People with MS will have greater and more informed choice in their own treatment.

We will conduct trials to test agents

Agents are put through trials developed by the Alliance; testing the trial design and agents.

People with progressive MS will see more treatments evaluated in clinical trials more quickly, speeding up access to life-changing treatments.

We will develop and evaluate new therapies to manage symptoms

Improved understanding of the range and effects of rehabilitation and more effective treatments for disabling symptoms.

Quality of life improves for people living with progressive MS through greater access to targeted, effective rehabilitation and more effective symptom management and treatment.

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