The Progressive MS Alliance is a collaboration of MS organisations and other stakeholders. It is not a separate legal entity.

The Alliance is governed by an Executive Committee. Its managing members report on activities to the boards of their respective MS societies, and to the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation board.

To accomplish the goals of the Alliance, members must follow these guiding principles:

1. Keep people with MS as the focus of all activities undertaken by the Alliance.

2. Strive for excellence in scientific research through funding the best research, wherever it exists.

3. Assure that the fruits of the work undertaken will be generally available for the MS community to build on, in the best interest of advancing treatments.

4. Promote collaboration across organizations and borders on a global scale using an integrated, multi-disciplinary, collaborative effort.

5. Ensure transparency in decision-making processes.

The Alliance is open to MS organisations from around the world and is continually seeking new member organisations from the global MS community.

One of the hardest parts of an MS journey is the uncertainty – no one can show you a chart and say, “You are here, and in ten years you’ll be there"

Gary from Australia, living with progressive MS


A member of the Alliance is any organization or entity that contributes in an agreed way. Participation and support takes many forms, including financial support at varying levels, as well as commitment of staff or other agreed resources.

The Alliance committee structure comprises:

Executive Committee
Scientific Steering Committee
Scientific Review Committees
Scientific Operations Work Team
Communications Work Team
Fundraising Work Team
Finance Work Team

Find out more about the Alliance’s committees

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