2017 Progress Report

Progress in MS Research in 2017

Since 2014, the Alliance has made global research investments through Challenge Awards and Collaborative Network Awards and we are aiming to continue to expand the landscape of progressive MS research by developing new tools and methods to streamline drug discovery. Remaining focused on our priorities will increase discoveries, while reducing the time and cost of testing potential treatments. A pathway to treatments for progressive MS is emerging.

In a short space of time, the Alliance has demonstrated the capacity to execute plans and deliver results. Its strong and growing collaboration has created momentum in the global scientific community and built on the demonstrated success of MS organisations to identify treatments and move them to shorter, faster trials that measure patient outcomes and develop new therapies.

Awareness of progressive MS has risen beyond expectations via peer reviewed research papers, editorials, and reviews, including in the high impact journal, Lancet Neurology , as well as the Multiple Sclerosis Journal and Nature . The Alliance sponsors scientific summits, Industry Forum meetings, and presentations during scientific MS meetings such as the European Committee for Treatment and Research in MS, Americas Committee for Treatment and Research in MS and American Academy of Neurology meetings.

Collaborative Network Awards

The Alliance-funded Collaborative Network Awards are multi-year grants that are fueling international networks of researchers and institutions, working together to make crucial breakthroughs in understanding and treating progressive MS. The work of the Collaborative Networks began in 2017.

Download the Alliance’s 2017 Progress Report to read about the develoment of the Collaborative Network Award projects.

Expanding Alliance Membership

In 2017, the Alliance welcomed the following new members:

  • Neuroliitto (Finland)
  • The Chesney Miles Charitable Fund
  • Dick and Robin Kelly Foundation
  • The Al Otaiba Family


To read more about the great progress made by the Alliance, download the report below:

Download 2017 Progress Report

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