Research projects funded by the Alliance

The Progressive MS Alliance has brought together MS organisations, world-leading researchers and institutions, and other stakeholders to address the challenges of progressive MS. The answers to the problems which have plagued this field of research for many years can only be addressed by a coordinated, collaborative approach to research. To do this the Progressive MS Aliance has outlined a phased research strategy.

The first phase are the innovative research projects funded through a series of Challenge Award grants. These grants were for 12 to 18 month long projects that sought to investigate innovative approaches to the priorities set out by the Alliance. They were awarded in 2014 and will be finishing in 2015 through to early 2016.

The second phase are the much larger Collaborative Network Award grants. These are multi-year awards which will invest significant funding to international networks of researchers and institutions who have demonstrated that by working together they could make the breakthroughs that this field needs. Because this kind of approach is new the first step in this is the Planning Grants, which will enable these new and unfamiliar teams the opportunity to develop the understanding, relationships and processes required to work on this scale internationally.

For more information please visit the Challenge Awards and Collaborative Network Awards pages.

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