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Although there is dramatic and life-changing progress in the understanding and treatment of relapsing remitting MS, the discoveries that will lead to treatment for progressive MS have remained stubbornly elusive.

People with progressive multiple sclerosis (MS) have waited too long for solutions. If nothing changes, we are likely decades away from the necessary treatments.

This situation is unacceptable for people with MS, their families, and all those that care for and about people affected by MS. It is imperative that the global MS community drive the development of new treatment options.

The Progressive MS Alliance was initially established in 2012 as the International Progressive MS Collaborative.

The Alliance’s six original founding members made a joint commitment to speed up the development of treatment for progressive MS by removing scientific and technology barriers.

In September 2013 the founding members entered into a memorandum of understanding, formally establishing the Progressive MS Alliance.

In this section you can find out more about the Alliance’s governance and priorities.

You can also download the Alliance brochure.

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